The Whole Truth – How Good is Organic Produce?

A person holding a Red Apple with engraved heart

We hear the word uttered daily in the newspapers or on the internet, but a huge percentage of us still don’t buy organic produce despite it being highly recommended.  Is there any substance behind the scaremongering?  And if so, why aren’t people putting this advice into practice?

As a family we try to eat as organically as possible, use organic bath products and even buy organic cleaning products.  Personally I take huge comfort in the knowledge that my nearest and dearest aren’t being exposed to more chemicals or antibiotics than they need to be, but I still have trouble convincing some of my closest friends.  Why are they so reluctant to go organic? Continue reading

Family Bank Holiday Fun – Our Weekend in Pictures

IMG_7744 re sizedIt’s hard to believe we had such a sunny bank holiday now the weather has taken a turn. We have battened down the hatches and taken refuge indoors whilst we wait for the wind and rain to pass, and I have been wistfully sorting through the photos taken last weekend.

On a brighter note, looking back it was such a fun filled few days with the family.  We went to Langlebury Farm, attended a friends ‘Cuban’ themed party styled by the amazingly talented event styling duo Revival Rooms – for which I made the cocktail posters (recipe for ‘The Last Rasp’ courtesy of House & Garden), went on a family bike ride – quite a feat now I am approaching the 26 week mark, and just enjoyed spending time together.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy our bank holiday in pictures! Continue reading